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The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Solution

The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Solution

In Canada and around the world, the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and products will improve the air we breathe, ensure secure and reliable energy, reduce the emissions that cause climate change and create highly skilled jobs.

Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies have many potential clean energy applications – from running our vehicles, to powering our cellular phones and laptops, to heating our hospitals and homes.

Hydrogen and fuel cells are tightly linked - fuel cells are devices that unlock the power of hydrogen. In many applications, hydrogen is the actual fuel that powers a fuel cell. However, it's important to note that there are certain fuel cell technologies that run on other fuels, such as natural gas. Conversely, you can burn hydrogen in internal combustion engines instead of running hydrogen through a fuel cell. In all these cases, there are many benefits to using hydrogen and fuel cells, whether together or apart!