CHFCA & WSU Webinar: The 1st Hydrogen Bank – Achieving Zero-Boil-Off Liquid Hydrogen Storage

May 18, 2022


Event Details:

May 18, 2022

12:00-1:00 pm PST

Hydrogen has the highest chemical activity of any fuel, is 75% of known mass in the universe, and reacts with oxygen from our atmosphere to form water. As such, hydrogen has always been the fuel of choice for both high performance and clean energy applications. So why are we still using inferior fuels? Logistics. Although hydrogen is the best of fuels by many measures, it is also the worst of fuels when it comes to storage and transport. Currently over 90% of small merchant hydrogen in North America is distributed via cryogenic liquid tanker truck. Once stored, parasitic heat transfer results in boil-off losses typically between 7-40%.

Hosted by the CHFCA and Washington State University, this webinar breaks down the fundamentals of hydrogen storage and cooling with the potential to achieve zero-boil-off storage in a cost-effective way. Although many challenges remain to be solved, the purpose of this talk is to emphasize the new tools and opportunities making this cool fuel an exciting research area for several decades to come. The webinar is free of charge.