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Hydrogen Optimized

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Hydrogen Optimized is a Canadian Hydrogen Technology company. We develop and complete green hydrogen production projects for our clients and partners using our innovative hydrogen Technologies. Our vision is that by 2030, the adoption of clean hydrogen processes for energy and industrial purposes will have improved the quality of life for all individuals worldwide.

Our pedigree dates to 1905, when Alexander T. Stuart, Canada’s hydrogen pioneer, concluded that hydrogen and oxygen were the key building blocks to a sustainable clean and diverse energy and industrial world. His Son Alexander K. (Sandy) Stuart expanded upon his father’s work on a global basis. Hydrogen Optimized was founded in 2017 by Andrew T.B. Stuart, grandson of Alexander T. Stuart. Over 1000 hydrogen project utilizing Stuart hydrogen production technology, in over 100 countries, have been undertaken by Stuart’s or companies that had Stuart’s at their leadership at the time.

With the world’s premier hydrogen heritage, we develop, design, and build large scale green hydrogen systems. At our Hydrogen Technology Center, we have demonstrated and scaled our innovative hydrogen technologies and processes. To learn more information, visit our website at www.h-optimized.com and contact us at info@h-optimized.com.

40 Sanford Fleming, Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 4V7

Edward Stuart

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