Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association


Become a Member

Become a Member

Our current membership reflects a growing and dynamic sector dedicated to accelerating the adoption and commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cells. We invite you to join us and play an active role in our sector's development.

Membership in the CHFCA will allow your organization to benefit from an ambitious, member-driven agenda that includes:

  • Securing government policy and funding support to our sector through advocacy activities and focused meetings with key government stakeholders including legislators, policy makers, regulators and civil servants.
  • Developing and promoting international conferences with a goal of delivering high-quality conference programming, substantial international participation and increased promotion and networking opportunities for Canada’s hydrogen and fuel cell sector.
  • Organizing focused, theme-based workshops across the country that facilitate information-sharing and networking between members.
  • Providing international sales and partnership opportunities to CHFCA members by organizing incoming and outgoing technology missions and delivering ‘Canada Pavilions’ at conferences and exhibitions in key international markets.
  • Broadening our membership base of more than 70 organizations by including utility companies, engineering firms, suppliers and the energy industry.
  • Promoting hydrogen and fuel cell sector firms by publishing and distributing the popular Canadian Capabilities Guide.
  • Featuring CHFCA member news and successes through a dynamic website, newsletters and presentations to governments, media, international visitors and the public.
  • Collecting and providing sector research data to members through the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Sector Profile and other intelligence not available elsewhere.
  • Supporting the development of regulations, codes and standards that support the safe and widespread application of hydrogen and fuel cell products
  • Acting as a collective voice for the sector, tracking industry successes, and articulating a vision in which hydrogen and fuel cells play a leading role economically, socially and environmentally

Member Levels

 Annual membership dues in the CHFCA are based on number of employees.

Sponsoring Member (voluntary) - $15,000 CAD
Executive Member (more than 100 employees) - $10,000 CAD
Industry Member (25 to 100 employees) - $5,000 CAD
Small Business Member (fewer than 25 employees) - $2,000 CAD
Academic Member - $1,000 CAD
Consulting Member - $1,000 CAD
Start-Up Member - $500 CAD

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To learn more about membership in the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, please contact:

Nicolas Hilario,

Manager, Government Relations & Communications

Phone: 604-283-1040