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Wido Westbroek

VP Sales & Marketing

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Hydrogenics is a leading provider of hydrogen infrastructure and fuel cell solutions, with over 65 years of experience in the hydrogen business. From our head office in Toronto Canada and facility works in Belgium and Germany, we cover a base of over 2000 installations in over 100 countries worldwide. 

On-site Hydrogen Generators:  Our HySTAT™ water electrolysers are found in industrial applications including steelmaking, power plants, glass and chemical processing plants and are the equipment of choice for on-site electrolysis by major technical gas companies. 

Fueling Stations: Hydrogenics has supplied hydrogen technology including electrolysers, dispensers, and storage systems for over 55 fueling station installations across the Americas and Europe. 

Fuel Cells and Systems: Hydrogenics world class fuel cells offer the most mature and comprehensive line-up of fuel cell power modules for mobility and stationary markets. Hydrogenics HyPM™ Fuel Cell Power Modules are preferred around the world by OEMs and system integrators for their leading performance, reliability and ease of integration. 

Renewable Energy Systems: Combining HySTAT™ Electrolysers and HyPM™ Fuel Cells, Hydrogenics works with electric power utilities, technical gas companies, renewable energy parks and remote communities to provide energy storage and transportation fueling solutions worldwide.