CHFCA Member Benefits

Our current membership reflects a growing and dynamic sector dedicated to accelerating the adoption and commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cells.

As a member, you will receive the following benefits while playing an active role in our sector’s ongoing development:

  • Influence decision making by joining our advocacy activities
  • Gain access to sector research data and other intelligence not available elsewhere
  • Increase international sales and partnership opportunities by participating in technology missions and “Canada Pavilions” at conferences and exhibitions in key international markets
  • Receive event, exhibitor and travel discounts to select international industry events
  • Network with key policy makers, industry VIPs, and membership leaders
  • Gain insight from theme-based workshops that facilitate information-sharing
  • Increased visibility within CHFCA’s website, newsletters, social media, presentations, publications ( Sector Profile, Canadian Capabilities Guide)
  • Support the development of regulations, codes and standards that provide for the safe and widespread application of hydrogen and fuel cell products
  • Act as a collective voice for the sector, articulating a vision in which hydrogen and fuel cells play a leading role economically, socially and environmentally

CHFCA Member Levels

Annual membership dues in the CHFCA are based on number of employees.


Membership Level Company Size Annual Dues
Sponsoring Member Voluntary $15,000 CAD
Executive Member 100+ employees $10,000 CAD
Industry Member 25-100 employees $5,000 CAD
Small Business Member Fewer than 25 employees $2,000 CAD
Academic Member N/A $1,000 CAD
Consulting Member N/A $1,000 CAD
Start-up Member Eligibility up to 2 years upon establishment $500 CAD


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