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CHFCA to host the Canada Pavilion at FC EXPO 2019 in Tokyo

February 15, 2019
CHFCA to host the Canada Pavilion at FC EXPO 2019  in Tokyo

With the support of Global Affairs Canada and the Government of British Columbia, the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) will host the Canada Pavilion at the upcoming FC EXPO 2019 conference and exhibition in Tokyo, Japan from February 27 to March 1.

CHFCA will be joined by co-exhibiting members Ballard Power Systems, CSA Group, Greenlight Innovation, Intertek, OverDrive Fuel Cell Engineering, Powertech Labs, and Quadrogen Power Systems.  The Government of British Columbia (International Trade and Investment) will also be exhibiting at the Canada Pavilion, and Hydrogenics can be located at booth W26-16.

Be sure to visit the Canada Pavilion (Booth no. W24-26) to meet CHFCA and its members.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to test their HFC knowledge and compete in the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Trivia Game at the Pavilion.

For more informtion about FC EXPO, please visit 


CHFCA and Peter Sauber Agentur announce f-cell+HFC 2019 international summit in Vancouver

February 15, 2019
CHFCA and Peter Sauber Agentur announce f-cell+HFC 2019 international summit in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BC, February 22, 2019 - International leaders will gather at the f-cell+HFC Impulse Summit for Hydrogen & Fuel Cells, scheduled for May 22+ 23, 2019 at the Sheraton Wall Centre in Vancouver, Canada. The conference is projected to be the largest of its kind nationwide, with attendees from the hydrogen and fuel cell sectors, industry, government and academia.

"Hydrogen and fuel cells are going to create a quantum shift from fossil fuels to clean energy as they offer a sustainable way of storing, distributing and using energy," said Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association. "f-cell+HFC will provide a unique opportunity for industry executives to discuss practical hydrogen, power-to-gas, and fuel cell solutions that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help fuel a cleaner future." 

Held under the patronage of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) and the Peter Sauber Agency, the 2019 f-cell+HFC Impulse Summit's interactive business platform is designed to facilitate participant engagement around the use of hydrogen as an energy vector and fuel cells. Participants will be able to learn and build their networks through a range of plenaries, conference sessions and workshops, while viewing the latest products and services in the International Trade Fair. 

"The 2020's are set to be a formative decade for emerging global clean energy markets," said Peter Sauber, organizer of f-cell+HFC and Chief Executive Officer of Sauber Agency Fairs & Congresses. "With global energy demand projected to explode 28% between 2015 and 2040, hydrogen and fuel cell solutions will help accelerate the use of renewable fuels and zero-emission transport to combat climate change and address air quality concerns. We look forward to bringing our 25 years of success producing clean energy conferences in Europe to help improve the business climate for hydrogen and fuel cells and accelerate projects in North America and beyond."

One of the first conference keynotes will be delivered by Dr. Anders Levermann, Professor of the Dynamics of the Climate System, Head of Research at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, and adjunct scientist at Columbia University in New York. Dr. Levermann will explain the impact of extreme climate change on our world. 

With ports worldwide placing greater emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability, preceding f-cell+HFC will be a half-day California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC) & CHFCA Port Workshop where participants will learn first-hand the challenges of port operators and maritime customers to reduce their emission footprint. The workshop will feature insightful presentations by port authorities, terminal operators, trucking companies, and hydrogen and fuel cell product providers. 

For a full schedule of f-cell+HFC Impulse Summit sessions, visit

About the f-cell+HFC 2019 Impulse Summit

f-cell+HFC 2019 Impulse Summit was designed to accelerate the fight against climate change by connecting international industry executives with senior government leaders, investors and researchers to accelerate and scale-up projects that can economically produce infrastructural hydrogen, integrate hydrogen fuel transport and storage options such as power-to-gas, and identify paths to support the near-term demand for increased hydrogen fuel cell use in commercial industrial applications such as forklifts, heavy-duty trucks and buses, marine and building applications. 

The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association is a non-profit trade association of product manufacturers, component developers, suppliers, research organizations, governments and financial institutions designed to advance the understanding of hydrogen and fuel cells and their capabilities amongst industry leaders in Canada and beyond. 

About Peter Sauber Agency Fairs & Congresses

The Peter Sauber Agency is one of Europe's leading industry conference organizers. The Agency has developed, organized and hosted a range of fairs, congresses, exhibitions and community events with a focus on identifying paths to address our global energy and environmental challenges, including the f-cell Conference since its inauguration in 2001 in Stuttgart.

Conference Contact:
Ms. Christin Struppert | Tel: 49-711-656960-56 |

Media Contact:
Debby Harris | Tel: 604-980-4333 |


CHFCA welcomes new members in 2018-19

February 01, 2019
CHFCA welcomes new members in 2018-19

The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is proud to announce the addition of the following new members:

2018 - Bennett Jones LLP, Blue-O Technology, Illuming Power, Ionomr, nu:ionic Technologies, OverDrive Fuel Cell Engineering, Zen Clean Energy Solutions

2019 - Renewable Hydrogen Canada, WEH Technologies

For any membership inquiries, please contact Nicolas Hilario at


HTEC and Shell Open Canada’s First Retail Hydrogen Refuelling Station in Vancouver and Announce Plans for Two More

June 16, 2018
HTEC and Shell Open Canada’s First Retail Hydrogen Refuelling Station in Vancouver and Announce Plans for Two More

VANCOUVER, June 15, 2018 – HTEC (Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corporation) today opened Canada’s first retail hydrogen refuelling station in partnership with Shell. The station—at 8686 Granville Street in Vancouver—is the first in a six-station network HTEC is building in Greater Vancouver and Victoria. This network will enable the deployment of the first 1,000 zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) in British Columbia (BC), and HTEC will partner with Shell on three of the six stations.

Partnerships make the transition to a clean-energy future possible. In addition to its strong working relationship with Shell, HTEC is proud to be working with others in industry and government to develop hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in BC.

LGM Financial Services (LGM), a finance and insurance company supplying Canada’s automotive sector, was an early sponsor of the network, moving the first station from concept to construction. Funding for this station also comes from Western Economic Diversification Canada’s WINN program and the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEMPR) Clean Vehicle Program and Low Carbon Fuel Regulations.

HTEC will release more information about other stations in the network as it becomes available.


“How fitting Canada’s first retail hydrogen station opens in Vancouver when the country’s first gas station also opened here, 111 years ago. Back then, even with only a few cars on the road, demand for gasoline was increasing and it made sense to build a fuelling station to support a growing network of automobiles. The same is true today: infrastructure must be in place to support FCEV rollouts, and HTEC is proud to be working with our partners to build the first wave of hydrogen refuelling stations in Canada, starting here in BC.” - Colin Armstrong, President and CEO, HTEC

“Our government is committed to making clean transportation more affordable and accessible. We are already well-positioned to be a major player in the worldwide low-carbon economy, and we’ve been pleased to provide support to HTEC and Shell for opening Canada’s first retail hydrogen refueling station. This is another milestone that will help us reach our climate goals." - The Honourable Michelle Mungall, Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources

“Working with HTEC to bring hydrogen refuelling to Vancouver is one of many exciting ways we are advancing cleaner energy solutions and evolving to meet the changing expectations of customers. Canada is well suited to capitalize on the energy transition thanks to the ingenuity of Canadians and our willingness to work together. We’re grateful for the collaboration between industry and government that was instrumental in making this station a reality.” - Michael Crothers, Shell Canada President and Country Chair

About HTEC
HTEC is unlocking the potential of hydrogen to reduce urban air pollution and the impacts of climate change by
designing and building hydrogen fuel supply solutions to support the deployment of hydrogen fuel cell electric
vehicles. Partnering with government, industrial gas companies, key equipment suppliers, automotive
companies, and energy companies, HTEC is delivering safe, reliable, convenient, sustainable and low-cost
hydrogen to customers and consumers, how, when and where they need it. HTEC: Fueling the Drive to

About the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources
The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources is responsible for British Columbia’s electricity,
alternative energy, mining and petroleum resource sectors. The Ministry is responsible for the following Crown
Corporations: BC Hydro, Columbia Power Corporation, BC Oil and Gas Commission and Columbia Basin Trust.

About Shell Canada Limited
Shell has been operating in Canada for over 100 years and employs more than 4,000 people across the country.
Our business is providing energy to Canadians and people around the world, and we are one of the few truly
integrated oil and gas companies in Canada. This means we do everything from exploring for oil and gas,
production, refining, the manufacturing process, and delivery to our customers at over 1,200 retail stations
across Canada. Learn more at

HTEC – Industry inquiries
Jeff Grant

MEMPR Media Relations
Kent Karemaker

HTEC – Media
Rebecca Johnston


Investment Strengthens Western Canada’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sector

February 02, 2018
Investment Strengthens Western Canada’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sector

Companies in Western Canada’s hydrogen and fuel cell (HFC) industry will benefit from additional support to raise their global profile, generate industry growth and create jobs across Western Canada.

 The Honourable Hedy Fry, Member of Parliament for Vancouver Centre, on behalf of the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Minister responsible for Western Economic Diversification Canada, announced over $670,000 in funding to support the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) at Ionomr, an organization member located at VentureLabs in Vancouver.

 The CHFCA’s mission is to support Canadian corporations, governments and educational institutions that are developing, demonstrating and deploying hydrogen and fuel cell products and services. With this funding, the CHFCA will be able to bolster the HFC sector’s activity in key global markets and accelerate trade and investment.

 The funding will also help the CHFCA to develop and implement marketing strategies and webinars to target potential overseas investors in Canadian clean technology businesses. By showcasing Canada’s leadership in the HFC sector, the CHFCA member organizations hope to attract significant global investment, provide exposure to local companies and fuel job creation in Canada.

 Currently, the Canadian hydrogen and fuel cell sector contributes 2,000 knowledge-based, high-tech jobs to Canada’s economy. This funding will assist the CHFCA to further the Government of Canada’s priorities to support clean technology and innovation.


 Quick Facts

  • VentureLabs® is a world-class technology business accelerator program delivered by Simon Fraser University in partnership with the NRC IRAP; the BC Innovation Council; university partners including Ryerson University, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, the University of Victoria, the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and the Emily Carr University of Art + Design; government partners and industry partners.
  • The CHFCA was formed in January 2009 when the Canadian Hydrogen Association (CHA) and Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Canada (H2FCC) merged. This unified all of the members of the former groups to create a vibrant, influential association. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, the CHFCA now represents the majority of the stakeholders in Canada's hydrogen and fuel cell sector.



“The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association plays a key role in developing clean technology that reduces harmful emissions, promotes renewable energy and creates highly skilled jobs for Canadians. As hydrogen and fuel cell products move towards commercialization, our federal government is proud to support the CHFCA as they continue to establish Canada’s status as a global leader in the clean technology sector.”

-        The Honourable Hedy Fry, Member of Parliament for Vancouver Centre

“As governments and business leaders recognize the important role sustainable fuels will play in a clean energy future and aim to adopt zero-emission solutions to power cars, buses, trucks, trains, ships and buildings, Canada is well-positioned to capitalize on its industry leadership in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. We are grateful to Western Economic Diversification Canada for their support as we accelerate our efforts to expand export of, and investment interest in, our sector’s capabilities and products.” 

-        Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt, President & CEO, Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association  


CHFCA welcomes FortisBC Energy to membership

January 25, 2018
CHFCA welcomes FortisBC Energy to membership

The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is pleased to announce that FortisBC Energy Inc. has joined as an Executive Member.

FortisBC Energy Inc. (FEI) is a leading energy solution provider supplying over 1.1 million natural gas and electricity customers including residential, commercial, and industrial customers in over 135 communities in British Columbia. FEI delivers 21% of all energy supplied in British Columbia, including supplying approximately 95% of the natural gas customers in the Province. FEI is committed to driving innovation and was the first utility in North America to offer Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), also called biomethane, to its customers. To further enhance its sustainable energy portfolio, FEI is investigating the potential to deliver renewably sourced hydrogen and methanized hydrogen (which is a synthetic equivalent to natural gas methane) via its natural gas delivery system. FEI is also assessing opportunities that could support this endeavor including power-to-gas technologies that bridge the traditional electrical power grid and natural gas delivery system. Integrating renewable energy resources in this way could provide a green source of hydrogen that would enable FEI to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the combustion of natural gas.

For more information about FortisBC, please visit their website at


CHFCA welcomes Nu:ionic Technologies to membership

December 13, 2017
CHFCA welcomes Nu:ionic Technologies to membership

The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is pleased to announce that Nu:ionic Technologies has joined as a new Start-Up Member.

Based in New Brunswick, Nu:ionic Technologies converts renewable biogas, or natural gas and electricity into high purity hydrogen for use as zero emission fuel or industrial gas at high efficiency, resulting in the lowest cost hydrogen fuel.  The Nu:ionic on-site hydrogen generation unit utilizes innovative microwave technology resulting in higher efficiency and lower cost than delivered hydrogen or competing on-site production technologies, and eliminates the emissions associated with liquefaction, distribution and storage of hydrogen.

Nu:ionic is applying its microwave gas conversion technology in a variety of areas, including in the areas of hydrogen by-product production from refinery waste streams and renewable energy storage.

Please visit to learn more information about Nu:ionic Technologies, or kindly contact:

 Jan Boshoff

Phone: +1-207-558-5705



Hydrogenics hosts Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and showcases fuel cell bus technology

December 13, 2017
Hydrogenics hosts Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and showcases fuel cell bus technology

Ontario energy storage company and CHFCA member Hydrogenics Corporation, along with Beijing SinoHytec Co, Ltd, hosted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as he visited Beijing to promote trade and tourism between Canada and China. Treudeau was greeted by Daryl Wilson, President and CEO of Hydrogenics, and Zhang Guoqiang, Chairman of SinoHytec, as he visited a Foton bus utilising a fuel cell system co-developed by the two companies.

SinoHytec and its partners, including Foton, are promoting a fleet of 150 fuel cell buses in Zhangjiakou, where China will be hosting the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The completion and delivery of this fleet is expected in early 2018. Trudeau had the opportunity to learn more about how Hydrogenics and SinoHytec are working together to jointly address climate change by reducing the carbon footprint related to transportation in China. “Hydrogenics has the leading technology for providing zero-emission transit solutions to the public. We are currently completing the largest operating hydrogen fuel cell bus fleet on the planet, and we look forward to a very successful and long-term collaboration with Hydrogenics,” explained Zhang.

Wilson added, “It is a great honour to meet with Prime Minister Trudeau and have the opportunity to showcase our fuel cell technology. The partnership between Hydrogenics and SinoHytec is an excellent example of Canadian and Chinese companies working together to bring clean energy transportation to China."


Ionomr Innovations joins the CHFCA

December 13, 2017
Ionomr Innovations joins the CHFCA

The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is pleased to announce that Ionomr Innovations Inc. has joined as a new start-up member. 

Based in Vancouver, Ionomr designs, adapts, and manufactures ion exchange membranes and coatings for energy storage, and clean energy generation applications including electrolysis for hydrogen production, fuel cells, redox flow batteries, and metal-air batteries. Ionomr’s core technology is an alkaline stable and versatile anion-exchange membrane which aims to provide cost and performance advantages in these electrochemical applications and others. The company is also in late stages of development of highly conductive, recyclable and environmentally benign, cation-exchange membranes for use in fuel cells, electrolyzers and other electrochemical technologies.

For more information about Ionomr, please visit their website at, or kindly contact:

Titichai Navessin

Chief Administrative Officer

Phone: 778-997-1476



CSA Group's New Hydrogen Fueling Station Testing Trailer Provides an Efficient Testing Alternative for Station Owners

November 07, 2017
CSA Group's New Hydrogen Fueling Station Testing Trailer Provides an Efficient Testing Alternative for Station Owners

CLEVELANDNov. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - As part of CSA Group's ongoing efforts to help advance the safe deployment of clean energy – specifically hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, CSA Group has developed on-site evaluation testing equipment for hydrogen fueling stations. CSA Group's mobile hydrogen dispenser testing apparatus (HDTA) and weights and measures device (WAM-D) validates hydrogen dispenser performance in accordance with ANSI/CSA HGV 4.3 and verifies point of sale accuracy following NIST Handbook 44.

The transportation sector represents a third of global energy demand and 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions – and has the lowest level of renewable energy use (IRENA 2017).  Mass adoption of clean energy for transportation is highly dependent on the safe deployment of a fueling infrastructure. Hydrogen continues to gain traction as a transportation fuel globally, with increasing commercial interest and automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) development and production of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV). Subsequently, there has been a greater focus in recent years to increase hydrogen fueling infrastructure. Public hydrogen fueling stations in service and in development are increasing in numbers, particularly in California and the Northeastern United States. New fueling station projects, however, occasionally face delays in receiving approvals from Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) that may not be familiar with hydrogen technology; therefore, stations face heightened scrutiny because onboard hydrogen must be stored under high pressure — up to 10,000 pounds per square inch. A station that has been independently verified to safely comply with the performance requirements specified in ANSI/CSA HGV 4.3 can ease the burden on the AHJ and result in smoother approvals.

Without a mobile test device like the HDTA, station owners must wait for each automotive OEM to bring a vehicle to their station for testing. The HDTA replaces the need for OEM vehicle testing at each station, reducing test time and associated costs. "CSA Group is proud to promote the advancement of a safe hydrogen fueling infrastructure" says Rajiv Rajput, Executive Vice President of Strategic Development at CSA Group. "We are excited to offer this testing service to our customers, helping them efficiently deploy and commission hydrogen fueling stations."

About CSA Group 
CSA Group is a global organization providing testing, inspection and certification services for products in many market sectors, including home and commercial, industrial, healthcare, and emerging technologies. CSA Group is one of the largest providers of safety and environmental certification for Canada and the U.S., and the CSA mark appears on billions of products worldwide. For more information about CSA Group, please visit

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