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Portable Power

Portable Power

Simply put, portable fuel cell systems are those that we can carry around or travel with.

Portable fuel cells system occupy a significant portion of the current hydrogen and fuel cell market.

As with other fuel cells, portable ones run longer than batteries and cleaner than internal combustion engine generators.

Auxiliary power units (APU), such as those that are found on leisure/recreational vehicles and boats, are currently an important segment for portable power.

Consumer electronics is an emerging field with much promise for portable fuel cells. Imagine being able to charge your Mac or Windows 7 tablet with a fuel cell, and going for days without recharging again. Consumer electronics companies such as Apple and Microsoft are looking at the potential of using portable fuel cells to make their electronics weigh less and carry a charge longer.

Portable fuel cell systems are also found in many educational hydrogen and fuel cell devices, which has provided a great entry point for many companies so they can improve the technology, make commercial sales, and fund larger projects.

Portable fuel cell systems are also valued in military applications, where the weight, efficient and quiet operation of fuel cell technology is a significant benefit.