Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association


The Canadian Sector

The Canadian Sector

The Canadian hydrogen and fuel cell sector enjoys strong domestic and international recognition for producing cutting-edge, clean energy solutions that have profound effects on energy use across a variety of industry sectors - passenger vehicles and buses, stationary and back-up power, materials handling.

The Canadian sector is in an exciting transition from its research and development phase to its commercialization phase. This progression is being made possible by strong international demand for fuel cell powered buses, forklifts, back-up power, stationary power, and hydrogen production, distribution and storage. Canadian fuel cell technology can also improve renewable energy systems by working in tandem with wind and solar operations to help balance fluctuating energy loads. Capitalizing on these promising applications, a reliable Canadian supply chain has emerged that provides hydrogen and fuel cell parts, components, testing equipment, and engineering and financial services to enterprising customers around the world.

International commercial traction coincides with already strong domestic uptake and deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies by significant Canadian corporate and institutional entities, such as BC Transit, Walmart, Enbridge Gas, Wind Mobile, Canadian Tire, and BC Hydro. 

Canadian leadership in the sector is also attracting significant global investment and fuelling job creation in Canada. Recently, Daimler invested $70 million CAD to create an automotive fuel cell manufacturing plant in Burnaby, BC, the first of its kind in the world. Approximately 90% of Canadian hydrogen and fuel cell technology is exported, and the industry presents a promising technology-based export sector for Canada. Largely consisting of small and medium sized enterprises and research organizations across the country, the sector currently employs 2,000 Canadians in highly-skilled, clean-tech jobs.

Thanks in equal parts to the inherent potential of the technology, the vision and ethic of the sector's personnel, and resounding international demand, Canada’s hydrogen and fuel cell industry is helping cultivate the clean energy future.