Message from the President

CHFCA Blog | Mark Kirby

I am pleased and honoured to have been selected to lead the CHFCA.  When I joined, it was in the belief that the sector is poised for significant growth and opportunity.  In the brief time I have been in the job, my impression has been reinforced.  The potential for hydrogen to significantly reduce the carbon intensity of major, hard to decarbonize sectors is gradually being recognized by governments around the world, including the Canadian government.  We can expect to see more policy, regulation and financial support to drive adoption.

The high level of activity in China, driven by subsidies, is creating many opportunities for Canadian fuel cell systems, component and services suppliers. I have heard the comment that there is more than enough to do there to keep Canadian companies busy!  However, there is much more afoot: exciting new fuel cell products; bus programs in Europe; fueling station construction; light duty vehicle deployments, marine and heavy-duty projects and major low-carbon hydrogen production projects planned for Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Chile, etc.

In Canada, we are starting to see the impact that policy can have in driving adoption of hydrogen and fuel cell technology, with ZEV and LCFR requirements stimulating the construction of fueling stations and deployment of FCEVs in BC and Quebec.  In addition, major pipeline, energy and process industries are looking at hydrogen as they try to understand how they will meet looming regulations.  If we capitalize on the momentum, we may finally create a strong domestic market for your products and services.

The CHFCA, through the hard work of my predecessors, has helped to create that momentum. It will continue to do so, through communications, education, conferences, trade shows, engagement with government policy-makers and through securing funding to support the sector. I am very pleased to work on your behalf to grow the sector.