At f-cell+HFC 2020, there’s Session Topic for Everyone!

Canadian firms are true innovators – leading the world across hydrogen and fuel cell applications. Catch these current and topical industrial and transportation Sessions at our digital event in September to learn more:

Refinery/Mining Session

How can low-carbon hydrogen reduce carbon footprints? Learn about developments in material handling, processing and heating with Hans Kulenkampff, Attilio Pigneri, Ryan Sookhoo and Dmitri Bessarabov.

Buses and Rail Session

What are the challenges and benefits of FCEV in modern transit plans? Hear results from the latest city bus and light rail projects, with our speakers Naveed Akhtar, Kenichi Ogawa, Lauren Skiver and Stefan Schrank.

Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks Session

Which Canadian firms are incorporating HFC in heavy-duty vehicles? And where? Analyze the latest project successes and find out who is winning this race, with Nicolas Pocard, Marcel Pouliot, Audrey Ma and Haengjin Ko.

Register for the digital f-cell+HFC event on our website: