f-cell+HFC 2020 starts in just 2 weeks!

As the event dates inch closer, we’re excited share more details about new speakers, sessions and trade fair exhibitors.

In addition to thought-provoking plenaries and sessions on a broad array of HFC themes, f-cell+HFC 2020 offers a comprehensive list of workshops and topic tables that get into the most important and the tiniest details.

And there’s the Digital Trade Fair too! Here, you’ll meet organizations and subject matter experts from across the industry.

• View our Speakers List of more than 75 industry leaders from Canada and abroad
• Open our Conference Program and choose from over 20 thought-provoking sessions
• Check out the Exhibitors List and see who you want to meet at this year’s event

September 9+10 are coming up soon. And with so much on offer, it’s time to get your tickets!

Register for the digital f-cell+HFC event now: hyfcell.com Don’t forget: CHFCA Members receive discounted tickets!