Ionomr Innovations receives funding for breakthrough materials to convert CO2 emissions to green fuels

Innovative Ion Exchange Membranes and Polymers Produce Valuable Chemicals & Fuels while
Removing Carbon Dioxide from the Environment

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – November 12, 2020 – Ionomr Innovations Inc. has received a funding contribution of $240,692 from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) for a collaborative research project to accelerate the development of Ionomr’s breakthrough technology for use in converting carbon dioxide emissions into renewable fuels and chemicals.

The NRC’s Material for Clean Fuels Challenge program has recognized Ionomr for the company’s
breakthrough membrane and electrode materials that are key to converting carbon dioxide (CO2)
emissions into renewable fuels and chemicals in a cost-effective, efficient manner. The fuels produced by emissions capture and conversion could include CO2-neutral gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel, which could be critical to helping the aviation and shipping industries achieve carbon-neutral operations.

“This contribution provides further recognition of Ionomr’s revolutionary materials for the efficient
conversion of carbon dioxide into useful chemicals and renewable fuels,” said Bill Haberlin, Chief Executive Officer of Ionomr Innovations. “The benefits to the expanded adoption of this innovation are enormous, and Ionomr is positioned to supply the advanced materials necessary to help achieve the global climate targets for carbon utilization. We look forward to working with our global partners to adopt and advance Ionomr’s carbon dioxide electrolysis technologies.”

Accelerating the development of non-polluting energy solutions is a top priority for Canada’s clean energy future. Through capture and electrochemical conversion of CO2, compounds can be produced for use in a wide range of applications such as renewable fuel, construction materials, paints, electronic components, and carbon-negative plastics. Ionomr’s breakthrough polymers have advanced the conversion process to be more efficient and affordable, providing a profitable use for captured CO2 rather than a further operating expense. Ionomr’s patented polymers have proven critical for both generating high electrolysis reaction rates and maximizing system efficiency. Increased access of CO2 and water to the catalyst in the electrodes significantly multiplies CO2 conversion rates compared to alternative designs.

The NRC plays a central role as an expert and enabler in Canada’s innovation ecosystem, helping
researchers, businesses, and universities work together to foster breakthroughs in areas that affect us all. The Challenge programs are part of a suite of collaborative R&D initiatives bringing together researchers and facilities from across the NRC’s 14 research centres with academic and industrial partners. Grant and contribution funding is provided through the NRC’s National Program Office for collaborators who offer complementary expertise, including academic institutions and small- and medium-sized enterprises.

About Ionomr Innovations
Ionomr is advancing the development and manufacturing of ion-exchange membranes and polymers for clean energy. Ionomr’s Pemion™ and Aemion™ technologies provide cost, performance and sustainability advantages for fuel cells, hydrogen production, carbon capture & conversion, and advanced energy storage. Leveraging technology developed at Simon Fraser University, Ionomr was founded in 2018, and employs 25 professionals at its research and manufacturing facilities in Vancouver, Canada. The company is poised for significant growth and anticipates adding more Canadian jobs in the coming months. For more information about how Ionomr is helping to advance the clean energy economy, visit


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