Hydrogène Québec welcomes BlackRock Metals as a Start-up Member

MONTREAL – Hydrogène Québec is pleased to announce that BlackRock Metals has joined as a Start-up Member.

BlackRock Metals is a Canadian critical minerals company which is in the final stages of planning the construction of an integrated, environmentally conscious manufacturing operation processing critical minerals and producing green products in its state-of-the-art facilities in Saguenay and from it’s wholly-owned vanadium, titanium and magnetite (“VTM”) deposit in Chibougamau, Quebec.

Upon completion, the BlackRock Metals operation will be the only VTM mine in North America and its metallurgical facility is uniquely designed to use  green hydrogen on an industrial scale to process critical minerals – the only one of its kind in Canada and globally.



Sean Cleary, Chairman & CEO, Blackrock Metals:

“It’s an honour to be joining Hydrogène Québec and advocating for the development of the hydrogen economy. Having ESG considerations at our core, BlackRock aims to be the first metallurgical facility to use green hydrogen on a commercial scale in Canada. This will open the door to decarbonizing the iron and steel value chain and can help Quebec transform into a global hydrogen leader. We look forward to collaborating with other members to utilize hydrogen for industry and to accelerate the move to a carbon neutral future.”


About Hydrogene Quebec

Hydrogène Québec is the provincial branch of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) in Quebec.  Hydrogène Québec is a public-private partnership with the mandate to promote the commercialization of hydrogen energy and educate the Quebec public about the benefits of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.  The branch also works to motivate stakeholders to invest in hydrogen and understand its economic opportunities in the future of mobility and infrastructure.

About the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA)

The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is a national association that supports industry, academia, government agencies, financial organizations and other stakeholders focused on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and products.  As the collective voice of Canada’s world-leading hydrogen and fuel cell sector, the CHFCA’s mission is to strengthen Canadian leadership, raise awareness of the benefits of the technology, and accelerate the adoption of its members’ products and services in Canada and abroad.  The CHFCA currently has 80 members across Canada and two regional branches in British Columbia and Quebec. You can also follow CHFCA on Twitter at @PoweringNow or visit www.chfca.ca for more information.

About Blackrock Metals

BlackRock Metals is a Canadian critical minerals company engaged in mining and metal processing activities; it is developing a vanadium, titanium and iron mine (“VTM”). The BlackRock Metals mine will be the first VTM mine in North America and one of the first metallurgical plants to utilize green hydrogen. These critical minerals will be transformed in Quebec into green products used by industry to produce and strengthen steel and aluminum alloys enhancing the reduction of global GHG emissions.