Leading hydrogen and fuel cell sector associations in Canada and Mexico announce MOU to promote collaboration

VANCOUVER and MEXICO CITY – The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) and the Mexican Hydrogen Association (AMH2) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This agreement will stimulate cooperation between Canada and Mexico in the development and deployment of zero-emission hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

The MOU defines various areas for collaboration between the Canadian and Mexican sectors which include codes and standards development, joint government policy initiatives, exchange of market intelligence, and the development of a hydrogen strategy for Mexico.

Such collaboration will foster an environment for identifying opportunities for joint industry and research projects in hub development, power-to-hydrogen, heavy-duty transportation, fuelling infrastructure, refining and chemical production, hydrogen blending in natural gas, and carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCU/S).

“We look forward to partnering with our Mexican colleagues to advance the hydrogen economies in our respective countries,” says Mark Kirby, President and CEO of the CHFCA. “This is a great opportunity to increase trade within the North American context as we share many similarities in our energy and transportation sectors and the sharing of best practices will be to our mutual interest.”

“On behalf of the Mexican Hydrogen Association, we are very pleased with the signing of this memorandum of understanding,” added Israel Hurtado, President and CEO of AMH. “We are confident that this collaboration will allow us to share market intelligence and best practices with our Canadian colleagues and add value to green hydrogen projects in Mexico.”

Recognized internationally as a global leader and pioneer in hydrogen and fuel cell research, development and commercialization, Canada is home to a significant concentration of hydrogen and fuel cell expertise that represents all elements within the supply chain. In December 2020, the Government of Canada launched the Hydrogen Strategy for Canada to cement hydrogen as a key part of Canada’s path to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and make Canada supplier of choice to the world for clean hydrogen.

There is large potential for hydrogen development in Mexico, particularly given the country’s geographic location and proximity to its major trading partners Canada and the United States as part of the CUSMA agreement. The country also has access to abundant renewable energy sources.

According to a recent study conducted by McKinsey & Co for the Hydrogen Council,  Mexico could achieve up to 65% lower production costs of hydrogen compared to other countries, highlighting the immense renewable energy potential for the country.


About the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA)

The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is a national, non-profit sector association that supports Canadian industry and research in the development, demonstration and deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in Canada and overseas.  Established in 2009, the CHFCA is seeing rapid growth, with over 160 members and branches established across the country, including two regional branches in British Columbia (Hydrogen BC) and Quebec (Hydrogène Québec), and an Urban Transit Task Force.  The CHFCA’s members specialize in fuel cell stack development, hydrogen production, hydrogen fueling infrastructure, energy storage, vehicle manufacturing, components and materials, research, engineering and consulting. You can also follow the CHFCA on Twitter at @PoweringNow or visit www.chfca.ca for more information.


About the Mexican Hydrogen Association (AMH2)

The Mexican Hydrogen Association is a national, non-profit sector association that promotes the hydrogen industry in Mexico by articulating strategies and actions in an organized and efficient manner. The AMH2 main objectives are to socialise hydrogen- related issues, involve all public and private actors involved in the promotion and development of the hydrogen industry. Establish collaboration with national and international associations and organisations linked to the hydrogen industry. Participate in the diagnosis of the hydrogen situation in Mexico, the challenges, opportunities, its potential and possible barriers.

You can follow the AMH2 on Twitter at @MexicoHidrogeno , LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/asociacion-mexicana-de-hidr%C3%B3geno/  or visit https://h2mex.org/en/ for more information.