The CHFCA welcomes Precision Resource Canada Ltd. as a New Industry Member

VANCOUVER —The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is pleased to announce Precision Resource Canada Ltd. as an Industry Member.

Precision Resource is a world leader in fineblanking and metal forming technology that provides cutting edge solutions to customers in a variety of industries and applications, including automotive, heavy duty, medical, aerospace, tools, hardware, electronics, energy, military and defense.

As a manufacturer of critical components, Precision Resource aims to advance Canada’s position as a leading hydrogen innovation hub for research & development, manufacturing, and deployment of green energy technologies.

“As an active member of the CHFCA, Precision Resource Canada Ltd. looks forward to the opportunity to work with and support Canadian companies – from start-ups to industry leaders – to further hydrogen and zero-emission technology advancement. We are excited to support their growth and success and the transformation to a carbon neutral economy” said Kaveh Vafaei, Managing Director of Precision Resource.

Precision Resource’s 75 years of experience is focused on supporting next generation hydrogen and fuel cell product R&D to innovate and scale-up globally competitive advanced manufacturing solutions. With a production facility and Technical Center established in Ontario, Canada, Precision Resource aims to further invest and expand its capabilities to support the growth of both Canadian and global market demand of these emerging technologies.

Precision Resource Inc. operates four production facilities in the United States and four international facilities in Canada, Mexico, China and Slovenia.

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