The CHFCA is delighted to announce Sipihko Energy as a Start-up member.

CALGARY – The CHFCA is delighted to announce Sipihko Energy as a Start-up member.

Sipihko Energy is an Indigenously owned company that specializes in the production of hydrogen through a novel and efficient electrodialysis method. This innovative approach purifies water at the molecular level, making the production of hydrogen more efficient and sustainable than ever before. This technology is designed to help hydrogen producers scale their operations to meet the growing demand for clean energy and ensures the production of hydrogen on a commercial scale, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Sipihko’s company slogan is “Empowering communities, leading the industry, and shaping a sustainable future.” By aligning with the interests of Indigenous community partners in Canada and being an integral part of their journey toward sustainable success, Sipihko Energy amplifies its commitment to a cleaner future. Sipihko believes that by investing in their technology, they’re not just contributing to the industry but also fostering growth and prosperity in the Indigenous communities they work alongside.

“Sipihko Energy is a pioneering hydrogen production company with roots in Indigenous ownership,” said the CEO of Sipihko Energy, Kevin Heck. “Based in Calgary, Alberta, the company’s vision is centered on the commercialization of clean hydrogen production through a novel desalination technique, employing the most advanced technologies in the industry. Sipihko Energy takes a cooperative approach, working closely with Indigenous partners in Canada to forge a path to mutually beneficial success and positive environmental impact.

The company acknowledges the pressing need to address climate change and the growing demand for sustainable energy, and it’s positioned to answer these challenges with clean, scalable hydrogen energy solutions. Comprising a diverse team of engineers, business professionals, and Indigenous leaders, Sipihko Energy values relationship building, cooperation, and a shared commitment to a cleaner future. The company’s work is not just about generating energy – it’s about empowering communities, fostering environmental stewardship, and creating a legacy for future generations.”

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of Sipihko Energy, an Indigenous-led company that is pioneering clean hydrogen commercialization through innovative technologies and partnerships with Indigenous communities”, says Ivette Vera-Perez, President, and CEO of CHFCA. “CHFCA is fully committed to supporting Sipihko Energy in their journey towards a net-zero future that benefits all of society.”

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