CHFCA is Delighted to Announce World Energy GH2 as an Industry Member

World Energy GH2 is a Newfoundland-based renewable energy generation company that seeks to use the power of the wind to produce green hydrogen – a renewable, zero-emission fuel produced through the electrolysis of water.

World Energy GH2 plans to develop 3+ GW of renewable electricity through wind projects on the west coast of the island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador, one of the world’s best wind resource regions, which will deliver approximately 250,000 tons/year of hydrogen using 1.5 GW electrolyzers. Their Project Nujio’qonik, the Mi’kmaw name for Bay St. George, will be Canada’s first commercial green hydrogen/ammonia producer created from the 3+ GW of renewable electricity.

Sean Leet, Managing Director and CEO of World Energy GH2, spoke about joining the association and the need for a collective effort to achieve Canada’s environment goals, “CHFCA is doing great work in advocating for net-zero solutions with a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach. Bringing together industry, academia, and government is necessary as we take bold, ambitious action toward hitting net-zero targets and slowing climate change. We’re proud to join this impressive organization.”

“We are pleased to welcome World Hydrogen GH2, a leader in green hydrogen development in the Atlantic provinces, to the CHFCA,” says Ivette Vera-Perez, President and CEO of the CHFCA. “Our collaboration will continue to support the region through advocacy, policy development, and investment opportunities. World Hydrogen GH2’s ambitious plan to produce 250,000 tons/year of hydrogen using 1.5 GW electrolyzers is crucial for developing local infrastructure and boosting Canada’s competitiveness as a hydrogen exporter.”

To learn more about World Energy GH2 and their plan to harness Newfoundland and Labrador’s wind energy to produce green hydrogen, visit