CHFCA is pleased to welcome Carbon Assessors as a start-up member

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association is pleased to welcome Carbon Assessors as a new Start-up member.

Carbon Assessors provide transparency to Canadian carbon markets by connecting global atmospheric carbon flows to regional carbon markets to create bankable supply/demand forecasts. Carbon Assessors’ market analysis provides traders, project developers, and bankers with data to make informed decisions with their existing credits/offsets and to assess the viability of compliance unit-generating projects.

To supplement their sophisticated market analytics, Carbon Assessors develops advanced environmental carbon models, which Carbon Assessors contrasts with government policies and targets to generate extremely comprehensive supply/demand forecasts for our customers. Carbon Assessors envisions a world where carbon externalities have been efficiently modeled into markets, which requires connecting environmental science, market activities, and governmental initiatives.

Sid Jayaraman, Manager of Low Carbon Fuels for Carbon Assessors, spoke about their objectives and activities: “Carbon Assessors is an intelligence company that helps to demystify the various compliance carbon markets across Canada and was founded by a group of individuals who recognized the opportunity carbon markets present. Over time, Carbon Assessors has expanded its horizon to provide advisory services that span from optimizing credit generation under regulations like BC LCFS, Canadian CFR, and Alberta TIER to providing ESG services like GHG accounting services at project and company levels and helping with recommended ESG disclosures. Carbon Assessors’ main objective is to provide comprehensive solutions to every evolving and ambiguous compliance regulation that impacts the entire supply chain of participants, from obligated parties to value generators like hydrogen suppliers.

“We are thrilled to introduce Carbon Assessors as the newest member of the CHFCA community,” says Ivette Vera-Perez, President and CEO of the CHFCA. “Their extensive knowledge of hydrogen’s role in global and regional carbon markets indicates a pivotal moment for the hydrogen industry, as it gears up to make a substantial positive environmental contribution. We are excited about the partnership with the Carbon Assessors team, as we work together to further the progress of Canada’s hydrogen economy.”

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