Who We Are

The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) is a national, non-profit sector association comprising industry, academia, research agencies and other stakeholders focused on advancing the use of clean hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and products to help tackle our world’s most critical energy challenges.

With a 40-year legacy of industry expertise, we are considered global leaders in hydrogen and fuel cells as a result of our pioneering technologies and a strong history of partnerships between industry, academia, governments and other international professional associations that are working to advance hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

Our Milestones

The following examples demonstrate the significant accomplishments that have helped to build Canada’s hydrogen and fuel cell industry.

Canada Initiates Development of PEM Fuel Cell Technology

In 1983, Canada’s Department of National Defense awarded Ballard Power Systems a contract to produce a low-cost PEM fuel cell. The integration of new flow-field designs and membranes enabled world-leading performance to a single PEM fuel cell, leading developers to believe that PEM fuel cells could one day power a car.

Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure Program

Fuel cell vehicle manufacturers have targeted British Columbia as a key market for the rollout of fuel cell vehicles. B.C. is a world-leader in fuel cell technology for transportation, with major automakers and the fuel cell industry investing heavily in research and development in the province. The CEV Hydrogen Fueling and Fleet Program is building on existing hydrogen stations to expand the hydrogen fueling network in British Columbia and support the adoption of FCEVs for commercial and municipal fleets. There are currently two public hydrogen fueling stations operating in the province with four more to be open by the end of 2020. The CEV Hydrogen Fueling and Fleet Program is managed by the Canadian Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association.

Clean Energy Vehicle Program

The Province of British Columbia operates the CEV Program to provide purchase incentives for British Columbians who choose a qualifying electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, as well as support investments in charging and hydrogen fueling infrastructures, as well as investments in research, training and outreach. This program is intended to encourage and accelerate the adoption of clean energy vehicles in British Columbia for both their environment and economic benefits. The CEVforBC™ Program vision is to stimulate the market such that by 2020, 5% of new light duty vehicle purchases in British Columbia are clean energy vehicles.

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Board of Directors

The Association’s Board of Directors plays an active role in providing foresight and oversight to the management of the CHFCA as well as overseeing its financial and governance policies.

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CHFCA's management team leads the organization consistent with the Board’s direction, including the day-to-day running of the Association. Management brings opportunities, analyses and recommendations forward, and helps keep the Board informed as to sector-related advancements and opportunities influencing the future of hydrogen and fuel cells.

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