Provincial Affiliates



Hydrogen BC is the regional affiliate of the CHFCA in British Columbia.  Established with the support of the BC Government, Hydrogen BC is comprised of a public-private partnership with the mandate to promote the rollout of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and hydrogen fueling stations (HFS) in the province.  In addition, Hydrogen BC works to ensure safe operation of HFS & FCEV by sharing best practices developed in Canada and abroad while working with other industries to forecast demand for low-carbon hydrogen.

As the CHFCA’s regional affiliate in Ontario, Hydrogen Ontario is dedicated to bringing knowledge and opportunities to the minds and hands of those who can apply and realize the benefits of hydrogen technology in their work and their lives.  The affiliate endeavours to ensure that the uptake of hydrogen opportunities that is happening in many global centres can also happen in Ontario.

Hydrogen Alberta (HyAB) is the CHFCA’s provincial affiliate in Alberta and is mandated to support and promote the adoption of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technologies in the province.  In collaboration with  government and research stakeholders, the branch works to maximize the opportunity for Albertan companies to participate in the economic opportunity afforded by the depoyment of hydrogen and fuel cells.