H2-Brazil 2022

February 22-23, 2022

Event Details:

February 22-23, 2022


The 1st Hydrogen Congress for Brazil (H2-Brazil 2022) will take place virtually from February 22-23, 2022.

Co-hosted by New Energy, the organizers of H2LAC, and the Brazilian Hydrogen Association (ABH2), the event represents the most significant gathering of the domestic and international hydrogen market in Brazil to date.

With Hydrogen increasingly recognized as a major potential export, and as a means to decarbonize industries and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Brazil is looking to develop a hydrogen economy that could be a game-changer for the domestic and global market. Today, Brazil has both the resources, and the strong political will to develop a national hydrogen roadmap.

H2-Brazil will convene national stakeholders and global industry leaders to shed light on the critical questions. How big is the opportunity for Brazil? What export markets are available? What are the hurdles? What opportunities exist for international players to invest in Brazil? And how do international market entrants identify the right local partners?