Hydrogen and fuel cells are widely seen as enabling solutions for a Sustainable 21st Century as they can provide an efficient, clean, and reliable source of power and heat for a suite of applications using a range of energy sources.

Hydrogen and fuel cells are not synonymous – they can be deployed in combination or separately. But together, they are a powerhouse!

For over four decades, Canada has pioneered and developed a sector-leading position in advanced hydrogen and fuel cells. This know-how is critical as the world shifts to electrification. And as industries aim to decarbonize their sectors, the markets for hydrogen and fuel cell are expanding. 


The CHFCA unites leading developers and manufacturers, product adopters, governments and educational institutions to collaboratively speed the adoption of hydrogen and fuel cells, while spearheading the policies and incentives need to support their success. 

Canada and our Association members are ideally placed to help build new industries, transform key sectors, and reduce environmental burdens. 

Help us keep Canada a wonderland “from sea to shining sea” … and join us on the path to zero-emission!