Marie-France Gravelle

Board Member

Canadian Future Energy Leader, GHD Limited

Marie-France Gravelle is the Canadian Future Energy Leader at GHD. In this role, she builds on her passion for the environment and tackling climate change issues, to work collaboratively with her clients and her peers to support the transition towards reliable, affordable and low-carbon energy that serves the communities in which we live. She has been in the environmental consulting field for more than 20 years, and in more recent years has shifted her technical focus to energy from waste and renewable fuels, including low-carbon hydrogen. She is excited about bringing the best talent, ideas and technology to clients in all sectors related to Future Energy – especially in the low-carbon Hydrogen sector – and is looking forward to collaborating to shape a hydrogen energy future in Canada.  She is proud to be working alongside her peers across the globe on hydrogen studies and supply chain projects, as countries all over the world face significant challenges to address energy security and reduce emissions as part of a global push to tackle climate change.