Rami El-Emam

Board Member

Dr. Rami El-Emam, in his current role at Ontario Tech, provides strategic and operational leadership to support and advance the institution’s strategic research plan with focus on hydrogen, clean energy, electrification, and climate resilience. He is a global connector, actively engaging in the cultivation of national and international relationships. His strategic prowess extends to planning, data research, and the implementation of university strategies within tthe energy sector. Furthermore, Dr. El-Emam oversees the intricate operations of the university workplan as Canada’s only designated International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) collaborating centre.Dr. El-Emam is a subject matter expert on hydrogen, integrated energy systems, and advanced nuclear reactor technologies and applications at several international organizations and the UN including UNECE, IEA, IAEA, and OECD/NEA, and is Canada’s representative on different technical working groups at the IEA and IAEA. He is a trusted advisor and contributor to the development of technical projects and capacity-building initiatives, particularly within the burgeoning hydrogen sector. His holistic grasp of energy dynamics extends across diverse geographies, encompassing North America, Europe, and the MENA region. This broad understanding equips him to navigate the complexities of energy scenarios in these various parts of the world, making him a catalyst for global progress in sustainable energy and technology development.Prior to his current role, Dr. El-Emam served for over 5 years as a scientific secretary and on hydrogen and nuclear cogeneration at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Here, he took the lead in conceiving and managing a series of impactful international collaborative projects. These projects encompassed critical areas of research and development, technoeconomics, and the scaling up of hydrogen production technologies. Dr. El-Emam also made vital contributions to the development of policies and regulatory frameworks, all aimed at forging a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. His dedication extended to education and training in several countries, where he shared his expertise on these topics, alongside other energy-related issues.Dr. El-Emam participated as an expert in the preparation of several technical documents, capacity-building training and educational courses on hydrogen production among other topics. He contributed to over 100 publications including more than 40 peer-reviewed journal papers on hydrogen and sustainable energy systems. Dr. El-Emam is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario.