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Cariboo Low Carbon Fuels

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Cariboo Low Carbon Fuel Ltd is a private entity incorporated in the province of British Columbia. The key motivation of the company is to profitably produce low carbon fuels to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, with a Vision of “Going Beyond Net Zero”.

Cariboo is advancing plans to build, own and operate an integrated low carbon fuel complex that includes a natural gas to liquids and a hydrogen production facility in the interior region of British Columbia as well as a similar facility in the southern region of Saskatchewan. The feedstock for the Projects will be natural gas, sourced from existing infrastructure in the respective provinces.

The mission of Cariboo is “Driving Excellence in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives”. The Projects represent a multi-billion dollar green investment and are expected to generate significant economic benefits in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. These benefits include creating jobs, both during construction and operations, as well as tax generation at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. Cariboo will create strong relationships with local and indigenous communities in the Project areas with a goal of developing mutually beneficial partnership[s] throughout the construction phase and operating life of the Projects.

258B Seymour St., Kamloops, BC

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