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Complete Truck Maintenance Ltd. (CTM)

Small Business Member

Complete Truck Maintenance Ltd (CTM) a family owned/operated business, offers repair and refurbishing services, retest and inspections for specialized vehicles such as cryogenic transport tank trailers, tubes and trailers for compressed gases including stationary storage, for liquid and gaseous hydrogen, oxygen, co2, etc.

Established in 1983, the company is well-respected within the industry due to its quality workmanship, administrative efficiency, and reliable customer service. Over 80% of CTM’s revenues are generated through repair, retest, inspection services and the remaining 20% through refurbishment and assembly.

While the majority of its clients are based in Canada, the company also receives several mandates from U.S.A and abroad. The company is one of the few players of its kind in Canada and has a strong reputation for service excellence within the industry. CTM maintains excellent relationships with all its domestically based suppliers and was able to decrease its cost of materials. CTM has the capability for future expansion and growth mirrored to the industry’s fast-growing pace.

25 Heritage Rd, Markham, ON L3P 1M3

Anthony Langenhuizen Director
(647) 607-1344 antlangctm@gmail.com