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Ekona Power

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Existing approaches to producing hydrogen are either emissions-intensive, in the case of steam methane reforming, or expensive in the case of electrolysis with renewable energy.

Ekona Power is creating a new solution to producing industrial scale hydrogen that is both low-cost and clean by converting natural gas into hydrogen, clean power, and pure CO2 that can be easily stored or used.

Ekona Power’s solution will assist Industrial H2 Consumers including refineries (ammonia plants or chemical plants) who are seeking new solutions that can deliver large-scale, green H2 at costs on par or better than incumbents as well as Natural Gas Transmission & Distribution Companies that seek to decarbonize their Natural Gas (NG) pipeline networks by injecting low-cost green H2, at costs similar to pipeline NG, to reduce downstream GHG emissions.

151 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H4

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