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With the discovery and patent filing of this novel method of producing completely carbon-free Green Hydrogen (H2), H2Generation Inc (H2G) has been formed to carry out the development of this new technology from the proof-of-concept stage through the Preliminary Engineering and Product Engineering stages to a commercial prototype.

The H2Generation Inc (H2G) technology is expected to produce green hydrogen at an energy efficiency exceeding all current methods and targeted to exceed 80%. Unlike current methods, including electrolysis, that operate at about 55 – 65% efficiency (from electric power ‘in’ to H2 ‘out’). H2G’s rather substantial increase in efficiency is partly the direct result of all components for the electrolysis system and electric power supply are now incorporated in one package. As such there are few losses due to energy transmission, waste heat, etc. As well the H2G format for the electrolysis is notably different from current approaches.

Most of today’s Green H2 production methods operate using water and must use renewable or green electricity as inputs. Whereas the H2G method uses water but generates its own electricity internally with any form of input power. Thus, the success of this technology as a source of Green H2 is not solely dependent on all-to-scarce green electricity as the power source. The H2G internally generates the required electricity is a result of a new integrated method of generating the necessary electricity as it is consumed.

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