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Hyten Energy Corporation

Start Up Member

Hyten Energy Corporation begins to solve the long-haul transportation challenges of hydrogen (H2) by making long haul transport and bulk storage of H2 more economical!

Hyten’s patent pending reusable liquid organic carrier, (LOHC) will store and transport H2 at ambient temperature and pressure, as will other LOHC providers, but with important advantages over other LOHC carriers and liquid Ammonia as a H2 carrier (NH3).

Hyten’s LOHC advantages include; a 40% (by wt) greater H2 carrying capacity, use of widely available, less expensive, less hazardous, bulk chemicals than the unsaturated aromatic and cyclic hydrocarbons used by other LOHC providers. Hyten’s LOHC advantages over NH3 carriers include major capex/opex savings and avoids the formation of highly caustic Ammonium Hydroxide in the event of a spill.

3515 Blenheim St, Vancouver, BC V6L2X8