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Palcan Energy Corporation

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Palcan is a hi-tech enterprise whose mission is help drive forward the “hydrogen” economy.

Palcan produces, reliable, affordable, power systems for the transportation industry that are powered by “hydrogen” NOT gasoline or diesel.

China’s explosive growth came at a cost and now China’s environmental strategies for cleaner air and water are being rapidly developed and deployed, which Palcan is a part of.

Palcan has been involved in the fuel cell business for many years, initially in Canada where much of the fuel cell industry began to commercialize.

Since 2016 Palcan made moves to launch business in China as China was committed to support a hydrogen society while Palcan is the first company in China to obtain approval of its own designed methanol reformed fuel cell (MRFC), which will be integrated in fleet vehicles across China beginning in 2020.

8988 Fraserton Court, Suite 311, Burnaby, British Columbia V5J 5H8

(604) 288-7822 (604) 288-7878

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