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Viridity Hydrogen

Start Up Member

Viridity Hydrogen Inc. (VHI) is a Canadian energy company organized to produce green hydrogen. VHI’s entry to the green energy sector in 2020 is the result of gasification technology research and successful laboratory testing to produce Green Hydrogen from Wood Biomass. Pyrolysis gasification of hardwood biomass and steam reforming technology optimized for hardwood feedstock form the basis of VHI’s process. Electrical energy for VHI’s process will be sourced from renewables, including hydro-electric, wood biomass, wind and solar, to maintain a ‘green hydrogen’ standard. A conceptual design and feasibility study are complete. VHI is actively seeking project partners and investors to commence detailed design work and establish a demonstration plant for this exciting project.

Rosslyn, Ontario P7K 0B9

(807) 629-2799 [email protected]

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