Alexander (Sandy) Stuart

Alexander (Sandy) Stuart (1923-2014) In 1929, at the impressionable age of 5 years, Alexander K. Stuart was introduced by his father, Alexander T. Stuart, to what was to become his life’s work – hydrogen and oxygen gases and electrolysis for the making thereof –that the immense electrical energy at Niagara Falls should be applied first […]

Dr. Tapan Bose

Dr. Tapan Bose (1940-2008) was a ubiquitous figure in the international hydrogen community. He was the recipient of numerous awards that recognized both his contributions to the advancement of hydrogen science and technology and his contributions to global partnerships in the hydrogen community. Dr. Bose served as President of the Canadian Hydrogen Association and President […]

Dr. David Sanborn Scott

Engineer, scientist and environmentalist, Dr. David Sanborn Scott (Ph.D., D.Sc. honoris causa) has been active in energy system analysis, design and strategies for more than three decades. He is vice-president (for the Americas) of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy. After receiving his doctorate in mechanical engineering and astronautical sciences from Northwestern University, he joined […]

Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt

Following a 20-plus year career in the automotive and aeroengine sectors with leading OEMs Daimler, BMW and Daewoo, Dr. Truckenbrodt was the former Chief Executive Officer for the Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation (AFCC), a joint venture of Daimler AG and Ford Motor Company, based in Vancouver Canada as well as the President and CEO of […]