Innovative Hydrogen Solutions

Innovative Hydrogen Solutions Inc. (IHS) was formed in 2004 to develop and commercialize breakthrough hydrogen-based technologies.  The company has developed a patent-pending aftermarket product for combustion engines, which has been initially marketed to the long-haul diesel engine truck market.  This product increases fuel efficiency of diesel engines by at least 5% (30%+ fuel efficiency was […]

Emcara Gas Development

Established in 2010, Emcara Gas Development Inc. is in the business of safety technology for alternative fuel systems. Emcara specializes in the only long trigger thermally activated pressure relief devices available on the market today, as well as related products for compressed natural gas, hydrogen fuelling systems, and bulk haul systems. Emcara’s products enhance safety, […]

Ionomr Innovations Inc.

Ionomr designs and manufactures ion exchange membranes and coatings for energy storage, and clean energy generation applications including fuel cells, batteries, and electrolysis for hydrogen production. The company’s core technology is the most alkaline-stable and versatile anion-exchange membrane on the market providing both cost and performance advantages. Ionomr is in the late stages of development […]

Terrella Energy Systems

Terrella Energy Systems is a developer of lightweight, corrosion resistant, and thermally efficient graphite structures for use in fuel cells, thermal products, and a variety of eco-friendly heat generating energy systems. Terrella’s forming methods for graphite allows unique shapes and features while taking full advantage of graphite’s superior properties that can out-perform metals with properties […]

Tandem Technologies Ltd.

Tandem Technologies has been providing high quality fuel cell hardware for the past fifteen years to research institutes, educational facilities and commercial R&D, and is dedicated to the continued development of hydrogen fuel cells and their applications. With a focus on research tools, Tandem provides hardware, test equipment and services are designed to accelerate development […]

Quadrogen Power Systems

Quadrogen is a Canadian clean technology company that builds customized biogas clean-up systems that allow waste-water treatment plants, landfills, agricultural digesters and power generation facilities to turn waste biogas into clean energy. The company also helps oil and gas producers convert shale and associated gas into hydrogen and natural gas, and also offers world-class engineering […]

Hydrogen in Motion (H2M)

Hydrogen In Motion (H2M) develops and manufactures mobile, uncompressed hydrogen storage tanks and delivers off-board refueling solutions to owners of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The company’s hydrogen energy solutions offer both economic and environmental impacts, while providing an infinite source of constant energy with no emissions, low cost commitment and versatility with compact storage. H2M’s […]

TesTneT Canada Inc.

TesTneT Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of TesTneT Engineering GmbH of Munich.  TesTneT is an ISO 17025: 2017 registered organization, performing the high pressure testing of components used in hydrogen fuel systems.  TesTneT can conduct various tests involving hydrogen gas pressure cycling, hydraulic pressure cycling, and destructive tests (fire testing, gunfire penetration) on all elements […]

CORE dPoint Technologies Ltd.

In 2005, dPoint Technologies began its journey into the world of heat and humidity exchangers when its Founder and CEO, James Dean, saw an opportunity to license a superior membrane humidifier technology from leading fuel cell manufacturer, Ballard Power Systems. After a comprehensive market and technology assessment, dPoint expanded its vision and product line to […]

NORAM Engineering and Constructors

The NORAM Group is a vertically integrated portfolio of businesses developing, engineering, and commercializing technologies for the process and resource industries. Since 1988, the company has built a global reputation for innovation and excellence in the supply of proprietary engineering and equipment packages to the chemical, pulp and paper, minerals processing, wastewater and electrochemical sectors, […]