Circular Industries of Canada

Circular Industries of Canada Ltd. is a Victoria-based firm that specializes in opportunity analysis and feasibility studies through business planning, and capturing investment for ventures focusing on ecological revitalization, clean energy and community focused business initiatives

Emobility Energy

Emobility Energy is a sustainable micro electric vehicle business focused on smart EV mobility and charging stations. In partnership with Bugatti and other companies, the company develops electric scooters and offers parking and charging management services.


Hycamite TCD Technologies is a leader in emission-free methane pyrolysis technology that decarbonizes industry through its low-carbon hydrogen, novel solutions for hydrogen storage and transport, and provision of sustainable carbon products for demanding industrial applications. Hycamite technology decomposes large volumes of methane into its component elements: hydrogen and carbon. Hycamite’s thermo-catalytic decomposition (TCD) of methane […]

Sipihko Energy

With an unwavering commitment to indigenous communities and a cleaner future, Sipihko Energy stands at the forefront of the transition towards net-zero emissions. Sipihko’s purpose is not just to produce hydrogen but to pioneer innovative processes that are efficient, scalable, and sustainable. Sipihko Energy, an Indigenously owned company, specializes in the production of hydrogen through […]


With the discovery and patent filing of this novel method of producing completely carbon-free Green Hydrogen (H2), H2Generation Inc (H2G) has been formed to carry out the development of this new technology from the proof-of-concept stage through the Preliminary Engineering and Product Engineering stages to a commercial prototype. The H2Generation Inc (H2G) technology is expected […]

Hyfluence Corp.

Hyfluence is a Vancouver-based developer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuelling systems and stations.  Hyfluence team members pioneered important standards, advancements and industry-firsts in hydrogen infrastructure, and are behind the delivery of over 25 refueling stations and systems across North America.

CleanInnoGen Energy Solutions

CleanInnoGen (CIG) is commercializing a thermochemical water splitting process for the on-site production of hydrogen and oxygen from industrial waste heat. Applications are the decarbonization of heavy industries like steel and cement. CIG is moving the technology from the laboratory to the marketplace with strong  Canadian R&D and engineering partners. The next phase of product […]

Cratos CAN Inc

Cratos CAN Inc. is a newly established company under the umbrella of its German mother company, Cratos GmbH. Cratos provides the Canadian market with consultancy services for its customers to transition to renewable energy sources and low-carbon hydrogen and bring investment in the hydrogen production by owning, monitoring, and optimising the electrolysers within consortiums. Within […]

Hyten Energy Corporation

Hyten Energy Corporation begins to solve the long-haul transportation challenges of hydrogen (H2) by making long haul transport and bulk storage of H2 more economical! Hyten’s patent pending reusable liquid organic carrier, (LOHC) will store and transport H2 at ambient temperature and pressure, as will other LOHC providers, but with important advantages over other LOHC […]

Universal H2

Universal H2 specializes in green hydrogen and ammonia energy solutions. Committed to a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system, Universal H2 works on solutions for both green power production and storage. Able to provide the full project needs, the company strives to add value to its clients through ongoing technology and innovative solutions.