TEAL Chimie & Énergie

TEAL Chemicals & Energy Inc. develops industrial-scale green chemistry projects with an exceptionally low environmental footprint and powered largely by renewable energy, sells commodity chemicals for industrial use, and designs new pathways to markets energy and fuels.

Aurora Hydrogen

Aurora Hydrogen is developing a technology that uses efficient microwave energy to heat methane in the absence of oxygen and water (pyrolysis) to produce hydrogen and solid carbon with no direct CO2 emissions. The technology is highly scalable and modular, units can be installed anywhere there is natural gas and electricity.

Thrace Marine

Thrace Marine is a Victoria-based start-up that is developing hydrogen-electric boats that offer all the speed and power for customers while being emission-free. The future is hydrogen, and the cleanest form of energy is now cheaper than gasoline. The company was founded in February 2022 and Dr. Grant Cool serves as the CEO.


StormFisher is an Ontario-based company that develops distributed and utility-scale power to gas projects to recycle water and energy in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner. We use low-carbon power sources to produce green hydrogen or renewable natural gas. These projects allow us to decarbonize these traditionally carbon-intensive commodities.

J.L. Freeman Energy Inc.

Since more than 80 years now, J.L. Freeman S.E.C. has been a part of the smart shoppers pharmaceutical cart across Canada. Committed to importing to importing, producing, distributing, and marketing both household products and top-of-the-line products, our company is as well-established as any of the famous brand names it represents. J.L. Freeman S.E.C. is a […]

Azolla Hydrogen

Azolla Hydrogen is an Alberta based start-up with a focus on the Alberta, California and North American hydrogen economy. We help companies transition from a default reliance on fossil fuels. As we edge toward decarbonizing the energy sector, hydrogen as a transportation fuel has been gaining influence. Azolla Hydrogen has identified a pathway to generate […]

Momentum Materials Solutions

Momentum Materials Solutions is a Calgary-based startup commercializing novel carbon technology with applications in catalyst and MEA products for PEM fuel cells. The team has developed carbon supports and catalysts that have demonstrated improved performance and durability during bench scale fuel cell testing. These patented materials can more than double the operational lifetime of fuel […]

Hydrogen Canada Corporation

Hydrogen Canada’s is working to strengthen the value of Canada’s natural resources by converting natural gas to hydrogen using Steam Methane Reforming (“SMR”) or Autothermal Reforming (“ATR”) technology with on site Carbon Capture and Storage (“CCS”). The transportation of hydrogen has been planned to use Ammonia and Hydrogen Canada is planning to send Ammonia to […]

Meager Creek Development Corporation (MCDC)

Meager Creek Development Corporation (MCDC) is a Canadian corporation focused on developing the Meager Creek geothermal resource to produce 100% green hydrogen. Mount Meager is Canada’s best undeveloped geothermal energy resource with resource temperatures recorded over 250 deg C. MCDC has completed substantial exploration work in the lease area and is in the process of […]

FTXT (Canada) Energy Technology Co. Ltd.

FTXT Energy (Canada) Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting the low-carbon and sustainable development of human energy, it mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of hydrogen fuel cell products. After development for three years, the company was registered and established on April 15, 2019 with a capital of 450 million […]