Capilano Maritime Design Ltd.

Capilano Maritime Design Ltd. is a full service naval architecture and marine engineering design firm located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. The company offers Naval Architecture, marine Survey, and Marine Engineering Design Services. Capilano Maritime has a strong combination of many years of seagoing and shipbuilding practical experience in the commercial industry, backed up by […]

Sky Canoe

Sky Canoe produces one of the world’s most advanced autonomous, zero-emissions, long range cargo aircrafts. We believe in leveraging the power of our patented technology to solve urgent human problems. We are dedicated to creating connectivity, economic development, and a sustainable cargo solution for the low carbon economy. Sky Canoe has assembled a global team […]

Innova Hydrogen

Innova’s vision is to develop zero-emission, clean energy technologies to produce carbon-free hydrogen energy and high-quality, high-demand by-products. Innova’s revolutionary, proprietary HIPTM technology transcends existing carbon-emission processes currently used within the energy sector by creating two valuable products with zero carbon emissions: high-purity hydrogen gas and customizable, tailor-made graphene. Innova’s current intellectual property includes patent […]

Viridity Hydrogen

Viridity Hydrogen Inc. (VHI) is a Canadian energy company organized to produce green hydrogen. VHI’s entry to the green energy sector in 2020 is the result of gasification technology research and successful laboratory testing to produce Green Hydrogen from Wood Biomass. Pyrolysis gasification of hardwood biomass and steam reforming technology optimized for hardwood feedstock form […]

Altabec Energy Inc.

Altabec Energy Inc is a company whose mission is to accelerate the clean energy transitionand to transform the world’s energy matrix to 100% clean and renewable sources. The company is focused on developing and leading the deployment of the hydrogen economy in Quebec. Altabec’s services include: Green hydrogen production and refuelling stations integration using renewable […]

Cariboo Low Carbon Fuels

Cariboo Low Carbon Fuel Ltd is a private entity incorporated in the province of British Columbia. The key motivation of the company is to profitably produce low carbon fuels to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, with a Vision of “Going Beyond Net Zero”. Cariboo is advancing plans to build, own and operate an integrated […]

Ayrton Energy

Ayrton Energy’s liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) storage technology presents an opportunity for large, scalable and efficient transport of hydrogen over long distances, while mitigating hydrogen loss and pipeline corrosion. The storage technology provides a dense hydrogen storage medium without cryogenics or pressure.


SpectrumH2 is an innovative low-cost supplier of Hydrogen fuel and Carbon sequestration, that along with its strategic partners, is accelerating the switch to clean-burning hydrogen fuel.  We provide Hydrogen fuel and Carbon sequestration solutions to reduce your Greenhouse Gas footprint.

Nihil Energy

Nihil Energy is a small start-up renewable energy corporation focused on hydrogen systems and combustible batteries. The company is working in collaboration with an European partner to distribute their products such as mobile and stationary hydrogen generators and different combustible battery system. Nihil Energy’s major project involves building a 100% sailing clean platform, without any […]

Homefield Consulting Solutions

Homefield CS provides consulting services on low carbon strategies and solutions for GHG intensive industries with a focus on blue hydrogen. The company’s principal Jerry Krett has extensive experience in the design, construction and operation of some of the largest hydrogen/syngas production and CO2 removal facilities in the world.