Trevor Swan

Hydrogen Business Development, Bighorn Energy Trevor Swan joined Bighorn Energy in early 2022 to oversee their hydrogen business development operations. Trevor is passionate about renewable energy and believes that transitioning to increased hydrogen usage is key to reducing industrial carbon emissions. Prior to entering the hydrogen sector, he excelled in the work-alone safety tech space […]

Marie-France Gravelle

Canadian Future Energy Leader, GHD Limited Marie-France Gravelle is the Canadian Future Energy Leader at GHD. In this role, she builds on her passion for the environment and tackling climate change issues, to work collaboratively with her clients and her peers to support the transition towards reliable, affordable and low-carbon energy that serves the communities […]

Christopher Norris

Director, Business Development, Hydrogen, Siemens Energy Canada Chris Norris is Director, Business Development for the New Energy Business unit of Siemens Energy Canada with a focus on growing the green hydrogen economy in Canada. In a career spanning 25 years, Chris has been with Siemens for six years and prior to his current role was […]

Jojo Delos Reyes

Program Manager, Research Partnerships & Innovation (RPI), Red River College Polytechnic Jojo Delos Reyes has been part of the RPI group at the College for over a decade, and oversees applied research projects, specially focusing on the shift to electrification and alternative fuel sources. Most recently, Delos Reyes oversaw the Vehicle Technology & Energy Centre’s […]

Pierre Poulain

Pierre Poulain is the President and CEO of Powertech Labs Inc., a subsidiary of BC Hydro, which provides performance testing, engineering studies, Hydrogen technologies and testing, and modeling for the electric utility, clean energy, and industrial sectors. He has held senior positions in the technology, energy, and transportation industries, including at Vard Electro AS, Ultra […]

Nicolas Laroche

Global Business Development Manager, Hydrogen, Permascand Nicolas Laroche is an electrochemical engineer and has followed the hydrogen sector for more than 10 years. As co-inventor of an electrochemical process, he managed an innovation portfolio and team with a successful technology demonstration at scale. Nicolas was involved in business growth and intelligence, engineering phases, demonstration plant […]

Alan Tan

Vice President, Business Development, Next Hydrogen

David Johnston

Project Director, CEM Engineering David Johnston has experience driving market and technical developments in hydrogen, fuel cells and other clean energy systems and projects. Focused on industrial and commercial adoption since 1995, David has delivered leadership to the development and commercialization of fuel cell systems in his former role with Ballard Power, LH2 storage research […]

Ethan Hugh

Marketing Director, Loop Energy Ethan Hugh joined Loop Energy as Marketing Director in 2021. Prior to entering the hydrogen industry, Ethan was a seasoned marketing professional for 16 years primarily in the automotive sector, having worked with many automotive brands across Asia and North America. With first-hand experience in cleaner technology adoption, Ethan has successfully […]

Sunny Minhas

Associate Director, Alternative Fuels and Renewable Energy, Intertek Sunny Minhas is an Associate Director at Intertek Testing. In his current position at Intertek, Sunny is responsible for Intertek’s global Hydrogen and Fuel Cell business, including all testing, certification, and global commercial activities related to the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell industry. With 10 years of regulatory […]